How to subscribe AppleDaily(HK) if you are not HongKonger

Sun, 14 Jul 2019 00:51:40 +0800         Sentoz Lin

"Apple Daily" now require readers to subscribe to have access to its contents. But there is restriction that subscriptions are only available to users by their IP address GeoLocation, so if you are outside of HongHong, you can't subscribe to HK version, but how does that actually working under the hood?

Well, when you sign up for the first time, they record your IP address to determine wether or not you have access to specific version, so if your want to subscribe to HK version, you need to ensure your IP address appear as within HK, below is the step by step guide for cheating!

Step 1

Download Tor Browser from official web site & follow the installation instruction.

Step 2

You need to modify your torrc config, location varies based on your operating system, to change ExitNodes(line 8) to which within HongKong.

Step 3

Now open your Tor Browser to see if it work. 🚀Hooray!

Then, register your account and make subscription, after that you can use your preferred web browser to enjoy your 🍎 Daily!